ABACAB - How far we have fallen?

ABACAB - How far we have fallen?

When Genesis released ABACAB in 1981 it was a drastic departure from their earlier progressive and complex sound.  ABACAB, by design, was intended to go in a simplistic pop direction.  ABACAB represents the song structure of a pop song.   A is the verse.  B is the chorus.  C is the bridge.   If you wanted to be on radio from 1950 to 2010, ABACAB was the song format you needed.  That is why Genesis called the album ABACAB as they had never done an album of simple songs in that format before and that name was perfect.

But now....

Who would have ever thought that music would de-evolve to the point where most songs don't have C (bridge) as that would make the song too complicated and many don't even have a chorus. (B)

How did we get to a place and time in music where what used to be considered sugar coated pop (ABACAB format) is now too complicated for the average listener?

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